Freedom in America

So they say America is supposed to stand for freedom, but that can't be farther from the truth. Watch these videos and find out why. These videos show the violation of human rights throughout American in an open way.

UCLA students gets tazed for refusing to show student ID

Florida university student gets tazed for asking question at a John Kerry Speech

Black man is tazed for wearing a hat in a government building and charged with felony crimes

Cop pushes bicyclist and then accuses him of assault

Christian pastor is tazed and beaten by U.S. cops

Torture in American prisons

John Pilger- Breaking the silence

Iraq veteran Darrell Anderson speaks about the war

You've heard all the news from one side. Now here the other side.Listen to real Afgans as they discuss the abuse they receive from U.S.[Video by (Carmela Baranowska)]

Ever wonder what U.S. soldiers are actually doing in Iraq? Let me giveyou a hint. They are not handing out candy. Thanks to the Nation, weare able to get a more accurate interpretation of what is actually going on in Iraq.

America forces all European travelers to allow it to snoop through their personal emails and credit card accounts

America has become the sick man of Asia

Brainwashing America

If you live within 100 miles of the U.S. border (including coastline), you are subject to be arrested without any reason.

You've heard of forced abortions, now you will hear about forced births. American sherif forces women to have children against their will.

Video footage of American troops gunning people down

U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan are committing atrocities, lying, and getting away with it

Ever wonder what the CIA actually does? Find out here

For a country that advocates freedom so much, they sure do seem to have a lot of people in prison. Are they confusing freedom with authoritarian? Like bad means good? Or is just everything backwards in America? he reality of it all is that you have a higher chance of getting arrested for prostitution, and drinking beer on a street in America than you do in Cuba, China, Russia, or North Korea. Also, notice the source below. It is from the Christian Science Monitor, not a left wing news source.

Google Announces New Tool To Track Information Requests From Governments

Democracy, American style

US-led Forces Execute Handcuffed Children in Afghanistan

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